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The Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan (ACS) has engaged fsSTRATEGY Inc. to create the Foodservice Go-to-Market Template. This is part of efforts to support the agriculture and agri-food industry and develop the capacity and tools to allow food growers and processors to enter the foodservice industry.

The purpose of the Fooodservice Go-to-Market Template is to provide food growers and processors with a better understanding of the Foodservice Industry and how to tap into business opportunities within it.

The template consists of three documents:

Go-to-Market calculation and workbook template Go-to-Market plan example User manual

Click the cover images to open each book (will open as FlippingBook documents in your browser - requires Adobe Flash Player).

About the Go-to-Market Template

ACS commissioned the Go-to-Market Template as part of the Saskatchewan Grocery Retail and Foodservice Value Chain Initiative. The Template is designed as a user-friendly tool to assist food growers and processors to develop their own Go-to-Market plan.

The Template is part of series of industry guides designed to help users understand their roles and opportunities within the Canadian foodservice and retail industries. Users should review the five Foodservice Guides and Foodservice Private Label Guide while utilizing this Template.

The Template is designed to be used in any agri-food sector, including growers and processors of grain, beef, produce, pork, seafood, poultry and dairy products.

About the Authors

fsSTRATEGY inc. is an alliance of senior consultants focusing on business strategy support - research, analysis, innovations and implementation - for the foodservice industry and has extensive consulting experience in foodservice across Canada.


Geoff Wilson, President
Jeff Dover, Vice-President
Andrew Waddington, Vice-President

For more information on the Go-to-Market Plan, or to request access to it, please contact:

Bryan Kosteroski
Value Chain Specialist
Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan Inc.
104-411 Downey Road
Saskatoon, SK CANADA S7N 4L8
Office: (306) 975-6851
Email: click here


News Release: Go-to-Market Template a new tool for Saskatchewan’s foodservice industry